Providing information, technical assistance, and contacts for African initiatives using the AIR network and tools.

Intervening to confront the complex issues of violence against women and girls, HIV/AIDS and emotional wellbeing/mental health takes courage. It can be difficult, and it can also be dangerous. Practitioners require support and solidarity themselves as they confront the impacts of their work on their own safety and security, and support to build up their own capacities to sustain their work over time.

Through the Respond programme, AIR is developing a set of practical interventions to support the sustainability of practitioners and organisations engaged in transformative work around AIR issues. AIR is building its capacity to respond to calls for immediate assistance urgent calls, providing technical expertise and tools in the short-term, while maintaining a longer-term view to support changes in practice and the development of transformative feminist approaches.

Programme activities focus on:

  • Building a pool of African experts who can provide technical support in line with AIR’s values for initiatives needing rapid support in AIR’s focal areas
  • Develop tools and support implementation of methods to integrate reflection and well-being into activist and service practice, workplaces, and all AIR activities

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