Documenting and sharing transformative approaches, thinking and practice on VAWG, HIV/AIDS and emotional well-being/ mental health.

Practitioners are key to changing our societies for the better. They are the ‘doers’- engaged in the daily work of translating visions of rights and justice into realities for people in our communities. Through the Generate and Build programme, AIR provides the opportunity for practitioners to document and analyse their methods, engaging in peer debate and learning, and share ideas and methods around addressing VAWG, HIV/AIDS and emotional  wellbeing/ mental health. By bringing together practitioners from diverse fields and across the African region, AIR encourages cross-fertilisation of ideas and methods and innovation in practice.

Programme activities focus on:

  • Supporting African initiatives to document and analyse work that uses integrated models or elements of integrated approaches, and provide forums to share and disseminate the documentation and learning
  • Making resources and tools available to AIR partners and the broader professional community through the online AIR Resource Library
  • Organising targeted convenings and participating in existing forums that provide platforms for critical thinking, analysis and assessment of approaches for African practitioners

GENERATE & BUILD blog posts: