AIR’s work is organised around three programme strategies which speak to how we do our work:

Generate and Build

Documenting and sharing transformative approaches, thinking and practice on VAWG, HIV/AIDS and emotional well-being/mental health


Providing information, technical assistance, and contacts for African initiatives using the AIR network and tools.


Profiling and sharing promising practice and initiatives, and supporting greater visibility of transformative approaches. Using evidence from the field to influence debates in AIR sectors, amongst targeted practitioner-activists, thought-leaders, academics and policy makers.

The content of our work focuses on three themes:

 As part of implementation (2014-2016), AIR activities focus on three themes, which are engaged through Generate & Build, Respond and Amplify strategies:

  1. (Re)conceptualising TraumaContributing to new frames for working on trauma, drawing on the technical expertise of African practitioner-activists who work on ‘trauma’ and distress in the context of VAWG and HIV/AIDS.
  2. Transformative livelihoodsnew and unusual thinking and practice around about how livelihoods interventions can contribute to emotional well-being/mental health, to social transformation and justice for women.
  3. Defending frontlinersSupporting practitioner-activists to better integrate well-being and security measures into their own organisational and individual practice.