Building Organisations with Souls: A new guide

Today across the world, many activists are asking: ‘How can we create organisations with souls, where impassioned people go to work every day, inspired by working in an environment that increases both their well-being and productivity?’ Clearly activists are still hungry for knowledge and interested in learning from unconventional methods and organisational cultures that forge working in soulful organisations. If you are one of these people, we think you will love this guide.

– Hope Chigudu and Rudo Chigudu

AIR is excited to launch a new guide Strategies for Building an Organisation with a Soul. Written by renowned women’s rights activist and organisational development consultant Hope Chigudu, and pioneering activist and artist Rudo Chigudu, the guide offers a maverick, fresh perspective on how to grow and sustain organisations that breathe life into the work of defending health, rights and justice for African women.

Drawing on decades experience, the authors use stories, analysis, exercises and questions to draw out a new framework for thinking about the organisations that we work in and from.

With this publication, Hope Chigudu, Rudo Chigudu and AIR bring greater integration between values and principles around social justice and equity with the kind of systems and leadership that those organisations need to thrive with integrity.

– Excerpt from the Preface by Theo Sowa, CEO, African Women’s Development Fund

The guide is available to download free from the AIR Resource library here.

There are also worksheets that you can download and print here, making it easy to work through the activities and reflections in the guide individually and collectively in your organisation.