September 2015

Introducing AIR: A new film

In our new film Introducing AIR: The African Institute for Integrated Responses to VAWG and HIV/AIDS, practitioners involved in AIR explain its history, vision and the choice to focus on transformative feminist approaches. I think that what is so compelling about AIR is the fact that for so long responses to violence against women on the continent have tended to rely on external ideas – ideas that have come from outside of the continent, ideas that have not taken account or grown out of some Read more [...]

Building Organisations with Souls: A new guide

Today across the world, many activists are asking: ‘How can we create organisations with souls, where impassioned people go to work every day, inspired by working in an environment that increases both their well-being and productivity?’ Clearly activists are still hungry for knowledge and interested in learning from unconventional methods and organisational cultures that forge working in soulful organisations. If you are one of these people, we think you will love this guide. - Hope Read more [...]