Politicizing self-care: Jessica Horn on AWID’s Friday File

Senior Advisor to AIR, Jessica Horn, was interviewed for the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID)’s Friday File where she speaks about AIR’s work on (re)conceptualizing trauma, the need to defend defenders, and the value of integrated approaches.

In women’s rights organizations and movements we’re not acknowledging fully that our work involves constantly bearing witness to violations and violence, and that often the violence is close to us – it is being inflicted either on people that we know, or people like us. There’s only so many times you can hear stories of terrible things happening to someone before it starts to affect you. And most activists don’t have an organizational mechanism to help deal with that. 


Notre travail implique d’être sans arrêt témoin de violations et de violences, et la violence nous touche souvent de près, qu’elle soit infligée à une personne que nous connaissons ou à des personne comme nous ; mais au sein des organisations et des mouvements des droits des femmes, nous ne reconnaissons pas pleinement ce fait. Tôt ou tard, le fait d’entendre les histoires sordides qui arrivent aux autres finit par vous affecter. Et la plupart des activistes n’ont pas les mécanismes organisationnels qui leur permettraient d’y faire face.

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