June 2015

Visualising care: The Hope Factory

At AIR we value the cross-pollination of African ideas and technical brilliance! In a conversation, clinical psychologist and AIR Steering Commitee member Johanna Kistner described the work of providing transformative care as being like a 'hope factory'- generating will to carry on living in the midst of landscapes of suffering and distress. The image was a compelling one, and AIR commissioned South African graphic designer/illustrator Thandiwe Tshabalala to translate the idea into a visual. Read more [...]

Politicizing self-care: Jessica Horn on AWID’s Friday File

Senior Advisor to AIR, Jessica Horn, was interviewed for the Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID)'s Friday File where she speaks about AIR's work on (re)conceptualizing trauma, the need to defend defenders, and the value of integrated approaches. In women’s rights organizations and movements we’re not acknowledging fully that our work involves constantly bearing witness to violations and violence, and that often the violence is close to us – it is being inflicted either on Read more [...]